Shipping & Returns

For our stand up rebound boards, we send them out in two shipments, first being the board, second being the frames, bolts, netting and  tools necessary to put your rebounder together. We charge a flat rate shipping charge, included in the cost of the rebounder and ship via Fedex ground.

We do offer faster shipment rates. All other orders are send as one shipment in most cases and are shipped via Fedex most affordable, secure options at that time.

We do NOT offer refunds for most purchases, however, please contact first to see if we can or what we can do for you.

In most cases, if your order is unused and/or shows no damage or usage on it, we can offer a full-partial refund, typically 80% to cover our losses of material and shipment.

We want to Powerup your pickleball game and will work with you to the best of our ability!